Zong 4G’s new vision for a healthier environment

In an attempt to contribute for healthier environment, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No.1 4G network and a socially responsible corporate entity has recently made all its offices including CMPak Headquarters a smoking free zone. Beginning from January 2018, the smoking of cigarettes and other lighted products is no longer allowed in the office premises. The decision to go smoke free was prompted from the Zong 4G’s commitment to environment sustainability.

The smoking free workplace has been welcomed by the employees as sheer commitment for the societal and environmental wellbeing.

Smoking is injurious not only to health but also to environment. It releases toxic air pollutants in the atmosphere, the cigarette butts litter the environment and eventually the toxins seep into soil and waterways. Despite the mounting evidence of association between air pollution and ill health, little attention has been paid to it.

The substantive improvement in air quality is not only for the conducive and healthier work environment of Zong 4G employees, but a sustainable ecology as well, for the society overall.

The Company has dedicated the efforts for going green and opting for a sustainable energy supply for a significant portion of its headquarters as well as remote belts of Pakistan.

Zong 4G has pledged not only to lead the digital innovation but contribute towards a greater social impact by improving the lives of employees, communities and also ecological system.

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