Women are welcome to get technical, vocational training, Salman Aslam

Technical or vocational education is the backbone of any country’s industrial development. The biggest example of this is our neighbor China. Which has a leading position in the world in manufacturing and exports. This was stated by Salman Aslam, President, Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) while addressing a function at Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, Korangi, and Landhi as a special guest. On this occasion, Principal of Government Polytechnic Institute Landhi Waheeda Arshad, in-charge Waheed-un-Nisa, and Fauzia Abid, in charge of Government Polytechnic Institute, Korangi were also present.

President KATI Salman Aslam said that not only male students but also female students should now think of technical or vocational training. Only those who have the skills and abilities can somehow bear the financial burden of their family by becoming the breadwinner and arm of their home. He said that technical courses should be obtained according to one’s mental capacity and interest. Given the country’s situation, it is very important to acquire some kind of skill along with education.

Salman Aslam told the graduating students that it is welcome for women to focus on vocational education with any education as Pakistani women can and are playing their full role in national development alongside men.

At the end of the function, Waheeda Arshad, Principal, Government Polytechnic Institute, Landhi, Waheed-ul-Nisa in-charge and Fauzia Abid, in-charge Government Polytechnic Institute, Korangi also presented a bouquet of flowers to President KATI.

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