Update on revised quarantine regulations of Turkey for passengers coming from Pakistan

Regarding the revised policy measures announced on 28th June by the Turkish government, we have obtained some additional information which is shared for incoming Pakistani travelers to Turkey:

1. Owing to limited capacity at the quarantine centres, the Turkish authorities at the airport may ask some incoming passengers to quarantine at private hotels, the cost of which is to be borne by the passengers themselves.

2. 2. In case the passenger is quarantined at a government facility, there will be no financial implication on the passenger.

3. 3. According to the latest Interior Ministry circular, dated 28.06.2021: All passengers arriving from Pakistan and Afghanistan, regardless of their vaccination or recovery status, must acquire a negative PCR test result within the last 72 hours to their boarding time and enter a 10-day quarantine. They will be tested on the 7th day and the quarantine will end if the result is negative. In case they test positive, then decision will be taken by the authorities as per the COVID-19 guidelines in Turkey as regulated by the Ministry of Health.

All Pakistani passengers are requested to use the above-mentioned information appropriately and plan their travel accordingly.

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