UBG demands Business council’s elections of FPCCI

UBG spokesman Gulzar Feroz and Sindh Region Chairman Sheikh Khalid Tawab said that after passage of two months FPCCI by not scheduling elections of Business Councils is affecting country’s economy and seems like a conspiracy against the trade.

UBG leaders have questioned the present FPCCI leadership about their poor performance and said that FPCCI has business councils of different countries, the office bearers of these Business Councils work with businessmen and embassies / governments of foreign countries. Pakistani traders not only help in the growth of relationships but also play an important role in mutual business benefits.

Present leaders of FPCCI have suddenly postponed the elections of FPCCI Business Councils without giving any reason. The actual reason is that they are afraid that their supporters will be defeated in the elections of Business Councils specially the Pak China Business Council.

It seems that FPCCI present leadership is worried that they will lose their seats in FPCCI anytime because they are presently holding office because of questionable votes which UBG is already questioning in different legal forums including the courts of law, UBG is expecting positive results any day.

Present illegal leadership of FPCCI is trying to hold achievement awards ceremony and trying to collect funds from applicants / sponsors etc. UBG feels that they might misuse these funds and question arises that what happens if present office bearers get removed from office. It is feared that they will misuse the funds which they receive for the achievement awards.

FPCCI present leadership has not given any suggestions for development of trade to the Government, in fact they are confused resulting in losses and problems to the business community of the country.

UBG has appreciated the government decision to withdraw the notification on surcharges, taxes on export oriented industry from January, 2019 to June, 2020.

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