Treet exported $ 17 million blades and razors in FY2021

For FY 2020/21, Treet Corporation disposable razors segment volume grew to 201.54 million Razors in the local market depicting a growth of 30% over the preceding year. The increase in volume growth describes consumers’ confidence in its disposable razors segment, particularly Treet Hygiene Razor (THR), whose volume increased by 36% over the preceding year. It registered sales of 1.03 billion blades for the year, 15% above the last year and translated into Rs. 2.78 Billion turnovers in the double edge category. It is extremely promising to record that we posted the highest ever sales in FY 2020/21. This was only possible due to the extraordinary efforts put in by our sales force, who took this challenge and surpassed their targeted sales.

On the international front, throughout the year 2020-21, its export department stayed true to its pledge by generating a sale of above 17 million US$. Despite many odds, export’s performance in the year 2020-21 remained healthy. The Company are hopeful that our export team will carry forward the same pace and momentum in the next financial years.

Treet Corporation Limited (TCL) is a well-known and trusted name in the personal hygiene industry, engaged in manufacturing and selling double edge shaving blades and disposable razors in Pakistan since 1954. Its Lahore and Hyderabad plants are operating under professional management and competent teams to produce quality products for the customers. Both plants’ current installed production capacity is 2.23 billion blades and razors, with Lahore and Hyderabad’s proportion of 60.5 % and 39.5 %, respectively.

Other key performance indicators were as follows:-

Overall capacity utilization of the plants was 93.90%, – DE Blade yields were more than 93 % – Market quality complaints were only 4 in number – Customer satisfaction index (barbers) was 100% – Major electrical or mechanical breakdowns and accidents were reported NIL Major challenges and critical initiatives to cope with the challenges Following were the significant challenges faced during the year 2021; – Market demand of hygiene razor was about 25% more than its average production capacity and was a challenge to meet. One of our high priced, fast-moving products contributes significantly towards the division’s overall revenue. The relevant production was shifted to 24/7 mode for extra production. Apart from this, production of low-price products was reduced in consultation with the Sales and Marketing Division to create a cushion for additional production of hygiene razors.

To resolve the issue on a long-term basis, a capacity enhancement project of hygiene razor was initiated, which is underway. – It was a challenge to control Covid-19 spread on the shop floor for continuity of the operations and achievement of set production targets. Application of Covid-19 SOPs in actual letter and spirit was not an easy task.

The year 2021-22 has started with the Covid-19 pandemic still prevalent globally despite greater awareness and rapid vaccination pace. The Annual Budget of 2,095 million blades and razors has been set for both the plants for the said year. Every possible measure would be undertaken to achieve the target. (Annual report FY21)

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