Traders reject propaganda against Army

Former President ICCI Shahid Rasheed Butt on Sunday said opposition parties have a right to hold protests and rallies to criticise the government policies but the Army should not be accused for political mileage. Opposition should understand that people love guardians of the ideological and geographical borders and they will never tolerate dragging Army in politics, he said.

The business community stands with the Army are we are ready to offer sacrifice for the defenders of Pakistan, he added.

Shahid Rasheed Butt said that the failures of the government provided an opportunity to the opposition to start their movement but they should not be allowed to attack Army.

He said that people have seen unprecedented inflation, unemployment and economic turmoil during the last two years while the majority of the policies including Kashmir policy has failed.

Moreover, he said, mafia is stronger than ever, accountability is not transparent while masses are unable to put proper food on the table, pay electricity and gas bills or buy medicine.

The opposition is capitalising on failures of the government, which is their right, but their protest should be in the Constitutional limits while the government should abstain from taking strict action against protesting parties otherwise it may result in violence, he said.

He said that curbing freedom of speech and freedom of expression will result in an ugly situation which must be considered before any harsh decision.

Mr. Butt said that business community reject propaganda and conspiracies against armed forces and it will continue to support armed forces and voice against dragging them into politics which is against the patriotism.

We unconditionally support the guardians of our ideological and geographical frontiers which have ensured national unity and stability by offering supreme sacrifices, he said.

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