Specialized committee meetings of ECO-CCI

The first session of Specialized Committee Meetings of ECO Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ECO-CCI) commenced at Federation House, Karachi which was being attended by representatives of the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of 9 member countries Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan participated in the meetings of the Specialized Committees on Tourism, Transportation, Arbitration and Women Entrepreneur Council.

During the Specialized Committee meeting on Tourism, member countries emphasized on enhancing the connectivity, promotion of regional tourism prospects, harmonization of visa regime, implementation of ECO Visa Sticker Scheme and White Card Scheme, holding of ECO Tourism Forum, Investment in tourism related projects, health tourism, religion tourism, holding of tourism exhibitions, sharing of tourism aspects etc. The participants agreed for sharing of tourism prospects and hotel owners and tourist operator’s information on ECO-CCI website through respective National Chamber. While the Women Entrepreneur Council meeting, the participants shared the success stories of their countries and discussed the issues faced by Women Entrepreneur in terms of limited interaction finance and opportunities. The participants agreed for joint activities including exhibitions, seminars, training programs and enhancing of interaction amongst the women entrepreneurs of ECO-CCI through web portal and social media.

The Specialized Committee meeting of Transportation discussed in detail the issues of operationalizing of TIR convention which may help in reducing cost of transportation and increase competitiveness, ITI, KTAI train, cross border transport agreement, Afghan transit trade agreement, transit cargo were emphasized. CPEC opportunities were also discussed for enhancing connectivity as 7 out of 10 countries of ECO are landlocked countries. Moreover, the participants suggested training session for trader and transporter on TIR by TOBB and sharing of Border gate experience by TOBB.

The Specialized Committee on Arbitration underlined the need of establishment of Arbitration Centre of OIC countries in Istanbul, Turkey as agreed in order to facilitate member nations. Moreover, member countries suggested ECO-CCI to study the model of EU, ASEAN and SAARC for establishment of Arbitration Centre which are successfully operationalized and efficiently working to resolve the commercial disputes related to trade and investment. Moreover, the participants emphasized to maintain the creditability of the jury and implementation of the decisions on merit of the arbitration center for its success.

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