Sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial area in Karachi, deprives for the supply of Gas

Mr Aziz Ahmed, Chairman, PTA (Southern Zone), has stated that the Sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area with allied areas/sectors (Sector 15) of Chamra Mandi, which is playing/contributing pivotal role in the export activities for finished leather with allied commodities of Leather Sector, is COMPLETELY DEPRIVED for the vital basic necessity of Gas, presently.

He shared with the media that is a result of Non-supply of Gas to this vital export-oriented Sector at Sector 7-A, Korangi with allied areas/sectors (Sector -15), this continuous processing Industry is in severe clutches for hampering the export activities for yielding the sizeable foreign exchange for the national exchequer and could be brought negative consequences for cancellation of export orders, which are in the pipeline for export against the confirmed export orders.

Mr Aziz Ahmed, Chairman, PTA (SZ), also pleased to share with print & electronic media with this press release that the export of finished leather has retained the pace of its exports under hectic efforts made by PTA’s member exporters with the support of Government and concluded the export for the period of July-Nov’2021 stands in positive @ 39% growth increased as compared to the corresponding period. Still, it could be sustained with the support of the Government, especially the uninterrupted supply of essential elements for Gas to this continuous processing Industry of the country, which is mandatory for the Industry.

Alternatively, Mr Aziz Ahmed has also articulated powerfully to consider by SSGC to announce the practical Load-Shedding programme for the supply of Gas to this vicinity LIKE already adopted by K-Electric, so that our member exporters could consider adopting necessary measures for an alternate mechanism for the scheduled Load-Shedding of Gas for making their continuous process of finished leather with value addition smoothly with convenience.

Therefore, Mr Aziz Ahmed, Chairman, PTA (Southern zone), appealed to the Federal Minister for Gas & Petroleum and the helm of SSGC to ensure supply the Gas @ 24/7 to this vital Mother Industry LOCATED AT SECTOR 7-A, KORANGI INDUSTRIAL AREA AND ALLIED AREAS/SECTOR (Sector 15) so that this significant Industry would be able to continue the process of Raw Hides & skins to most valued-added finished leather along with allied commodities for the execution of export orders in time against the commitments to secure the precious foreign exchange for the country to keep the momentum for the increase of export of finished leather to the gigantic extend as per aspiration of Government.

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