Santex Products facilitates schools to ensure girls do not miss school during periods

In its commitment to support girls’ education, Santex Products Private Limited, a leading hygiene care company, is diligently working to create awareness about menstrual health & hygiene among school-going girls and ensure their easy access to period products to reduce school absenteeism.

Lack of access to menstrual products and adequate knowledge are considered the top barriers to girls’ education. To address this challenge, Santex Products recently partnered with schools like TNS Beaconhouse DHA Campus, and Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore to help provide their student with necessary resources and a safe space to manage their periods with dignity. In the last year, the company through its Outreach Program has trained nearly 200,000 girls on best menstrual health & hygiene practices, empowering them to practice safe menstruation so they have the confidence to equally participate in school and grow into valuable members of society.

Erum Adnan, Manager Sustainability and Outreach at Santex Products, said, “We must provide the other half of the population a comfortable space where they can study and nurture their skills while managing their monthly needs with privacy and dignity. We are glad that many educational institutes are now recognizing this need. Santex Products will continue to drive and support this wave of change in its mission to support women reach their full potential and foster an equal and empowered society.”

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