PTA (SZ) Environmental Society UNIDO & WWF organizes workshop to create awareness on saving skins/hides on Eid-ul-Azha

Within the framework of the UNIDO/GEF project “Transforming the Leather Processing Industries towards Low Emissions and Climate Resilient Development Paths”, Pakistan Tanners Association (SZ) Environmental Society and PTA (SZ) Karachi, in coordination with UNIDO and WWF has successfully organized an awareness raising workshop on “Saving Skins/Hides and use of Cleaner Production in Leather processing for Karachi Leather community. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Gulzar Firoz, President PTA (SZ) Environmental Society, Vice Chairman PTA (SZ), Mr. Shaikh Muhammad Imran, whereas PTA Members, Tannery Owners, Skin/Hides collectors, Environmental Protection Department, Academia, Govt. Officials, and civil society attended the workshop.

Officially opening the workshop, Mr. Gulzar Firoz, applauded the initiative taken by UNIDO-GEF for the upgradation of Korangi Leather sector and appreciated to impart essential sessions for saving Skin/Hides to the Tanners and collectors. He expressed his concern over preservation and fear to loss valuable huge amount of rupees to the country in the shape of wasted putrefied hides and skins.

Mr. Muhammad Atif from Sialkot Tannery Zone, Dr. Kashif of Leather Research Center and Mr. Adeel of WWF, briefed that the upcoming three-day Eidul-Azhawill definitely give a boost to the leather industry as more than 8 million sacrificial animals will be slaughtered including millions of cows, goats and sheep and almost 100,000 camels. Speakers emphasized minimum use of salt to preserve hide and skins, soon after their collection and moving forward transportation to tanneries.

The PTA (SZ) specifically targeted audience from institutions/organization for collection of hides and skins during Eid days well-in-time so that the respective institution/organization could made appropriate and timely arrangements for the hides/skin collections in order to preserve precious raw materials.

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