Pakistan total auto industry sales in Nov’21 clocked in at 23,863 units (+32%YoY)

· The total industry sales in Nov’21 clocked in at 23,863 units (+32%YoY) compared to 26,847 units in Oct’21 (-11%MoM) owing to the year-end seasonality factor. The sales consisted of 15,351 passenger cars, growing by 29%YoY but down 12%MoM. Other sales consist of 3,363 LCVs (-6%MoM/+28%YoY), 492 trucks (+12%MoM/+93%YoY) and 4,617 tractors (-14%MoM/+43%YoY).

· 5MFY22 total industry sales ballooned by 55%YoY to stand at 133,101 units which consist of 90,312 passenger cars (+62%YoY), 18,317 LCVs (+79%YoY), 2,272 trucks (+67%YoY), and 22,003 tractors (+19%YoY). The volumes in 5MFY22 remain all time high where the low interest rate environment in 1QFY22 provided the much needed cushion to the industry combined with FY22 budgetary measures.

· Contrary to previous months, the growth was led by HCAR with 3,010 units (+13%MoM/+35%YoY) following the resumption of operations whereas other OEMs depicted a decline owing to the seasonality factor. The volumes of PSMC declined by 17%MoM to 8,522 units (+25%YoY) and the volumes of INDU declined 8%MoM but remained in line with 6-month average at 6,315 units (+28%YoY).

· Displacement wise, the 800cc segment has been hit the hardest, declining 41%MoM but grew 10%YoY basis to 3,609 units. Similarly, the 1,300cc+ premium segment declined 6%MoM to stand at 8,102 units (+30%YoY). On the flipside, 1,000cc segment swelled by 38%MoM/52%YoY to stand at 3,640 units.

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