Pakistan National Day Celebration in Singapore

The National Day, 23rd March 2018, was celebrated in Singapore with traditional fervor and national spirit. The day began with the hoisting of the flag by the High Commissioner, Nasrullah Khan. The officers and officials of the High Commission, as well as a cross section of Pakistani community/diaspora attended the ceremony.

The messages of the President and Prime Minister were read out. The High Commissioner, in his address, highlighted the importance of the day and the progress that Pakistan has made in every field of life. He also underlined the achievements that the government of Pakistan made through its sound political and socio-economic policies. The High Commissioner also complimented the contributions of the Pakistani community to project a positive image of Pakistan in Singapore.

The National Day reception was held at a local hotel. A large number of resident Pakistanis, Singaporean dignitaries, members of the host country’s Parliament and diplomatic core attended the event. Mr. Heng Chee How, Singapore’s Minister of State in the Prime Minister Office was the chief guest on the occasion.

A special Supplement on Pakistan National Day was published in Singapore’s flagship English language newspaper, The Strait Times.

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