Nasir Hussain Shah visited the Arts Council’s vaccination centre

Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Government & Information, Nasir Hussain Shah, visited the Arts Council’s vaccination centre on Monday.

During his visit praising the commendable efforts of the president Arts Council, Shah said that Ahmed Shah had provided the best vaccination facilities to the members, artist community, and civil society, which had made a significant impact on the people that now the DHA residents want to be facilitated in the council’s centre.

“Arts council has rendered excellent service to the art and culture, and now the vaccination centre has been instrumental in intensifying the campaign; the Government of Sindh will extend all possible assistance to the Arts Council of Pakistan,” said Nasir Shah

Speaking on occasion, Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that the centre was established to facilitate the Arts Council members and their families. Still, civil society has also been facilitated in the vaccination centre. Shah said that so far, more than 35,000 people have been vaccinated in this centre, and 400 to 600 people are being vaccinated every day.

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