KATI expresses concern over low gas pressure

Acting President of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) Maheen Salman has expressed concern over the affected supply of gas to all industries including the export industry in the Korangi Industrial Area. She said that Sui Southern Gas Company had assured all the industrial associations including KATI that there would be an uninterrupted supply of gas 4 days a week, then there would be one day holiday, and then the supply of 4 more days.

All the associations also agreed on a staggering supply of gas to all the association in turn and the days of non-supply were also fixed. In addition, under the staggering agreement, the SSGC had assured that the industries whose gas connections had been cut off would be restored, which was also endorsed by the federal cabinet. Acting President KATI said that the Sui Southern Gas Administration should stop the pressure in the region in the days of the gas holiday, which could make the staggering agreement more effective. However, SSGC did not make the uninterrupted supply of gas possible from the very beginning of the agreement. Maheen Salman said that given the shortage of gas, the government also delayed the RLNG contracts, which has made the matter more serious.

Acting President KATI said that due to gas problems, local and export industry production was being severely affected and it was feared that it would be very difficult to achieve export targets and local production will harshly be reduced. She demanded the government and the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas restore the supply of gas. Maheen Salman hoped that the government was seriously considering providing facilities to the industrialists but a solution should be found soon.

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