Karachi is experiencing the worst load shedding in history: Consumer Association of Pakistan

Karachi has faced the worst load shedding in history. People do not sleep well at night, but there is even a long shutdown during the day. Despite this, NEPRA has approved increasing the electricity price by Rs. 9.42 paise.  NEPRA was set up to protect the rights of consumers, but now this authority is working entirely in the interest of the power companies; an example is the decision to be made without hearing from the consumers.

To date, NEPRA has never questioned K Electric How many of its generating plants are working and why it does not increase power generation.  Why has NEPRA only allowed K Electric to establish a monopoly in Karachi?  This was stated by Kaukab Iqbal, Chairman of Consumers Association of Pakistan, while talking to media persons at CAP Head Office.

He said that K Electric has failed to provide electricity to the consumers as per the demand. Billions of rupees are being collected from consumers despite no electricity. Under what expediency, only K Electric is allowed to work in Karachi is unknown. Load shedding can be avoided. 

He said that in today’s world, keeping in view the competitive laws, the monopoly of a single company cannot be established. When there is an atmosphere of competition, every company will provide better service and offer cheaper electricity to the citizens. Kaukab Iqbal demanded from the government that NEPRA should be abolished immediately and an investigation should be carried out into the assets of the chairman and members to find out how much they have benefited from various power companies and how much money they have amassed.  He said that the decision of NEPRA to increase electricity prices unilaterally was not accepted. In response to a question

Kaukab Iqbal said that the qibla of K Electric could be straightened in a month if the customers of K Electric join the campaign “Bijili Do Bill Lo”. It will be straightforward that K Electric is already carrying out load shedding for 12 to 14 hours, so what difference does it make? Another thing is that K Electric will cut off its electricity connection if the entire Karachi does not submit the bill. 

He warned K Electric that if the unannounced power outages were not stopped immediately, he had no choice but to take action on the “Bijili Do Bill Lo” campaign. The campaign will be launched through social media. He asked the federal and provincial governments to immediately stop the load shedding of K Electric so that consumers could get relief. 

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