Karachi Arts Council presents solidarity with Kashmir through theatre drama

Kashmir has been under Indian occupation for 73 years. India’s atrocities on unarmed Kashmiris are increasing. Muslim countries all over the world will have to stand with us for the independence of Kashmir. These views were expressed by political leader Farooq Sattar during the Arts Council of Pakistan’s Karachi Theater “Pakistan ki Main taqdeer Naam Mera Jammu Kashmir.

The theater was organized in collaboration with the Human Rights Council and the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

He said that for the independence of Kashmir, Muslim countries all over the world have to stand with us. Modi in India and Donald Trump in the United States are extremists. He said that we are proud to be followers of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa PBUH. I strongly condemn the blasphemous sketches, for the first time in Europe, such a heinous incident has taken place. Let the President of France be told that no matter how much damage is done to our economy, we will boycott French products.

Leading industrialist Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and political leader Sardar Nazakat also attended the event. The theater play was written by Bashir Saddozai.

In the play, the struggle for the freedom of the Kashmiri people and the Indian atrocities were presented by the artists through acting, which was highly appreciated by the participants.

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