ILMA’s webinar “Living the Disruptive 21st Century with a 20th Century Education”

ILMA projected the topic incredibly well in its webinar Living the Disruptive 21st Century with a 20th Century Education. This virtual session was conducted by Dr Hamid Ali Khan, Assistant Professor, University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan. This amazing webinar highlighted the stark disparity in education which was created by manoeuvring the 21st Century road map with the previous century’s outdated knowledge and tools.

Dr Hamid opened the eyes to the changes that were occurring in the different political domains and social landscapes all over the world. His findings and research on the topic helped to understand what kind of society was in formation.

He asserted, ‘There are careers that exist today that were not there in the past like data scientists, content creators, etc. and now robots are taking over jobs of humans which will have its implication.’

It is interesting to note that ILMA keeps abreast of the changing facets of education. Through this enlightening webinar, it was clear that the only way forward was to alter the disciplines according to the emerging trends. It was not possible to teach or learn the same information as in the past if one had to keep up with the future. The disruption could only be lessened by practical steps towards injecting the latest studies in the education system for full force ahead in all the global sectors.




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