Ilma’s Registrar invited as a key speaker at US Researchathon 2021 targeted at SDG quality education

Ilma University’s Registrar Syed Kashif Rafi was selected as a key speaker at the world-renowned event Researchathon 2021. It was an honour to be chosen for this prestigious online event hosted in partnership with Harvard Kennedy School, Google, Amazon, IBM, Policy for People, United Nations, Streamyard, Wolfram and other international organizations. The series of sessions of global proportions were well organized to focus on the current topics that are making waves worldwide.

Syed Kashif Rafi has already had the honour of being chosen as the mentor in the Policy for the People event which led to huge recognition and strengthening of bilateral relations between the countries. Now, Mr Kashif was again invited to be part of the Researchathon to speak on the pressing topic of Online Education. No doubt, this is a much trending topic which all the schools, colleges and universities are faced with worldwide.

He was able to successfully map out the online journey with the touchpoints of the need, change, adoption and adaptation to education technology. The amazing narration of the entire evolving scenario to the extent of the large-scale impact created was explicitly unravelled by Mr Kashif and enthralled the attendees.

As remarked by him, ‘Till we don’t accept the changing scenarios, we will be unable to take up the challenge to overcome these and emerge victorious in achieving our study centred goals.’

This is a proud moment for the University that its very own Registrar has achieved this remarkable status of speaking in an international event of high repute. He has been counted among the best in the field of education and formed an even stronger foundation for the University with a formidable global influence and outreach.

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