Ilma University’s Research on solid waste recycling with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal – Climate Action

It was another tremendous milestone accomplished as Ilma University’s scholarly article got published in the world-recognized journal. Department of Business Administration is applauded for its efforts in producing contribution from its high calibre scholar Arshian Sharif. The article titled, Dynamic and casualty interrelationships from municipal solid waste recycling to economic growth, carbon emissions and energy efficiency using a novel bootstrapping autoregressive distributed lag which targeted the SDG # 13 – Climate Action was recently included as top research in ELSEVIER journal.

This well-researched article revolved around the devising of sustainable and practical solutions on a war footing basis. It addressed waste management becoming a global issue and the importance of circular economy practices to curb this rising menace. This circular design was based on the 9R principles where different production chains are categorized.

The comprehensive study estimated the effect of MSW recycling on economic growth and environmental quality. It analysed the data from 1990 to 2017. Arshian Sharif conceptualized and conducted original data writing curation, software and formal analysis which went to the Department’s credit. This is indeed an incredible research article contribution from Ilma University to be duly praised for its worth in highlighting and providing solutions for the environmental uplift globally.

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