ILMA provides a platform to promote Youth and Women Empowermen

ILMA gave a platform to promote Youth and Women Empowerment through its amazing webinar on Self-Investment. Gull Zeba Jawad – the Chief Executive Officer Red Marker Systems, Serial Entrepreneur, Chairperson Education RCCI, Board Member PHA was brought on board to narrate her success story of her coutre brand which became quite famous.

Gull Zeba revealed her secret recipe of success which she acquired through her interesting journey as an entrepreneur and even as a woman who made her identity in the field. She was able to prove herself in the consumer market and made it through with her brand Pernia Couture which she established. She was able to bring quality, design, innovation and affordability all in one package which was much loved by the customers. Her premier services were racks, inventory management, security, confidentiality, digital marketing and training.

She as a successful entrepreneur remarked, ‘It was not overnight that it all happened but much hard work and commitment behind the scenes to bring this multi-brand into the limelight.’

Gull Zeba launched the Edtech startup, Red Marker System with the meaningful assessment strategy. She was driven to visualize the solutions through the 360-degree learning cycle which made an impact. ILMA always supports such inspirational nation-builders who are doing wonders in making a difference in vital fields and creating opportunities for the youth to harness.

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