ILMA hosted a media-centred workshop

ILMA University organized a widely acclaimed workshop on the Part of Media in Academia. This superb session was projected from Quality Assurance & Laision Department’s virtual platform. This was certainly a commendable endeavour to showcase the scintillating role of media in academia which seldom receives the attention it should.

The prominent guest was Mr Adnan Faisal, FHM Pakistan Publications (PVT).

LTD who inspired the viewers with his stance in the media field in the education sector and how harmoniously those two fields were aligned with each other. To have onboard such role models is always quite motivating for the youth who aspire to perform wonders in their chosen professions.

As Mr Adnan commented, ‘The role of media has transformed tremendously in recent years which has brought it more in the limelight with the popularity of media-related programs in the higher education sector.’

ILMA University stays abreast in bringing to light the trending topics globally. Similarly, the rendezvous with this media personality was a step in the right direction with this dominant field making waves across the globe. This unlocks portals of diverse avenues for the youth to step into.

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