ILMA holds a free webinar on leadership development

ILMA pushed the limits of human potential with its Free webinar on Leadership Development by Lifeskills Coach AP Dr Ahmed Razman, Associate Professor & Manager Business Development, Putra Business School, Universiti Putra Malaysia. The University provided this amazing opportunity to learn from an international expert in matters of testing one’s limits as far as leadership skills are concerned.

Undoubtedly, this webinar was quite enlightening in explaining the qualities of leaders, the growth mindset and the actions that pave the incredible path in transforming into a leader. Dr Razmam was an excellent mentor in laying it out in very clear terms as to what needs to be developed within oneself to achieve the leader status.

As commented by the coach, ‘This is a self-discovery process and consciously identifying those actions and skillset which would best work in situations – initiative-taking is one key indicator.’

ILMA made certain that the maximum is attained from this webinar with this inspirational figure on board. It is a fact that to soar higher, it is imperative to adopt those qualities which will take one far academically and professionally. It is important to stand out from the crowd especially in this fast paced world of today.




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