Haleem applauds Chairman KPT initiatives in improving the port infrastructure

Karachi Port Trust (KPT) management has taken desired steps to improve and modernize the port’s infrastructure, viz berths & main gate repairing, dredging, and other facilities for workers. President of Pakistan Stevedores Conference Tariq Haleem has applauded the proactive role of Chairman Karachi Port Trust (KPT) for improving the port’s much need infrastructure.

He said that since the present Chairman, Mr Nadir Mumtaz Warraich of KPT, is a highly proactive leader and pays attention to ground realities – the port gives a new look.

He added that infrastructure like Berth No. 4, which needed repairs for years, has been finally repaired. Besides, badly damaged roads in the port are re-carpeted.

The dredging of the port initiated to maintain the see draft level, he pointed out.

After many years, proper bathroom facilities and drinking water will be available for port workers, other commendable special arrangements.

The important CL gate bridge at East Wharf is finally being repaired and will be fully functional soon.

The port’s efficiency has been linked to infrastructure conditions and proactive management, and these initiatives would make the port most attractive.

Haleem has suggested that Karachi Port Trust’s untapped potential (Pakistan’s premier port) needs to be urgently exploited. This would be the right step forward to improve the infrastructure of the port further.

Tariq Haleem said that we need to improve the turnaround time of the ships calling at Karachi Port.

He said that free movement of transport is essential for quick discharging / loading of cargoes, for this backup area at the berths is extremely important.

One of the reasons for low performance is the extreme shortage of space at Karachi Port, which is very surprising, considering that Karachi Port is one of the biggest landowners of Karachi City, he added.

Tariq Haleem said that we now expect the proactive Chairman, Mr Nadir Mumtaz Warraich, who has an open-door policy, to look into this matter and make sure that KPT land is reclaimed and made available for cargo handling purposes. This will also increase cargo volumes and a substantial rise in CFS operations.

Tariq Haleem said our members had invested billions of rupees in Stevedoring equipment at Karachi Port. ‘If’ Chairman KPT gives us more space in the port, we will increase our investments/equipment accordingly.

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