Chief executive, TDAP inaugurates Pakistan pavilion at Hong Kong

Pakistan Leather Industry pavilion at Hong Kong was inaugurated by Chief Executive, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Mr. S.M, Muneer, as Chief Guest alongwith Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon, Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan, Hongkong, which was also attended by Mr. Anjum Zafar, Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association, Mr. Aziz Ahmed, Sr. Vice Chairman, PTA and Mr. Azam Malik, Vice Chairman, PTA, Mr.Amanullah Aftab, Chairman, Int’l Fairs, PTA  among other member participants, Foreign Guests, Int’l Electronic & Print Media personnel. It was shared on this auspicious occasion with the print & electronic media that it is a great opportunity for  65 Pakistani Exporters participating in APLF’2017 at Hong Kong who are dealing in producing of Finished Leather of Cow, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat skins, Leather Garments, Leather Footwear, Leather Gloves & Leather Products/made-ups to take due maximum advantages from it by getting share of Hongkong/Chinese markets to expand their trade volume with China/HongKong.

A beautiful Pakistan Pavilions in both sections of APLF’2017, Hongkong with eye-catching colours schemes/features  been arranged with the help of Consulate General of Pakistan, Hong Kong to become an extensive gate-way for the 65 Pakistani exporters to yield/conclude the sizeable business during the Show for the promotion of country’s exports and to promote the Leather Sector  of Pakistan as well.

Before participation an extensive marketing & dissemination has already been thru the Consulate General of Pakistan, Hong Kong amongst the Chinese/Hong Kong potential buyers/customers/visitors, Federations, Chambers, Association at destination  to visit the Pakistan Pavilion in APLF’2017, Hong Kong for business tie up/collaboration/joint ventures to achieve the desired goals/objectives of the Pavilion/participation in this vital event at Hongkong It was also shared with the gathering  that with the help of  Consulate General of Pakistan in Hong Kong the share of Pakistan’s exports of Leather, Leather Garments, Leather Footwear/Products would be expanded to further extent as compared to corresponding period of previous year.

Mr. Anjum Zafar, Chairman, PTA on behalf of all CEC Members of PTA  thanked the Chief Executive, TDAP, Mr. S.M. Muneer and Consul General, Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon for  inaugurating the Pakistan Pavilion in APLF’2017, HK to grace the occasion with their august presence.

At the conclusion, Mr. S.M. Muneer, Chief Executive, TDAP and Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon, Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan, Hong Kong assured maximum support to the Pakistani businessmen during the fair in Hong Kong with a view to make the participation more result oriented and to achieve the desired objectives of participation for the supreme motive to promote the country’s exports as per aspiration of the Government.

Photo Caption: – Mr. S.M. Muneer, Chief Executive/Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon, Consul General of Pakistan in HK inaugurating the Pakistan Pavilion in APLF’2017

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