Book launching of Dr Fatima Hassan’s poetry collection

People divide one other while languages unite, translations expand literature, and Fatima Hassan is a poet of nature. She gave new trends to poetry. These views were expressed by eminent personalities of poetry and literature while addressing the book “Tarinder Gul”, a Sindhi translation of Dr Fatima Hassan’s poetry collection in collaboration with the Arts Council of Pakistan.

This translation has been done by the famous Sindhi poet Sindhu Pirzado. In his presidential address, renowned poet Imdad Hussaini said that people divide themselves whereas languages unite them. Languages have been related to each other for centuries. He said, “poetry is read but has not been tested although I believe that testing the imagination reveals many positive aspects”.

Further speaking on occasion, he said that Fatima Hassan mentions the people of Sindh and her love for her beloved motherland in her poetry. Her poetry also consists of the nature and environment of Bengal as she lived there.

On the occasion of her book launch, Dr Fatima Hassan’s in her speech said “I am overwhelmed today that my poetry is being discussed today I am glad that people have not wasted what I wrote instead appreciated. Shabnam Gul, a well-known Sindhi poet, said that Fatima Hassan is an emotional poet; she powerfully portrayed what she feels about life in her poetry. She knows the art of showing her ideas into poetry she said that the success of a poet lies in the fact that how well one can interpret every era through poetry. The translator of the book Sindhu Pirzada told that she had been much influenced by the poetry of Fatima Hassan and for a long time she wanted to translate her poems into the Sindhi language.

Fatima Hassan’s birthday cake was also cut on this occasion whereas Rehmat Pirzada, Dr Saba Sahiba, Shah Zaman Bhangar, and others also addressed the function.

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