Mrs Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, pointed out that the holy month of Ramazan is meant to reinforce the virtues of peace, forbearance and fraternity. As Pakistan needs peace and unity today like never before, we ought to take the opportunity of Ramazan’s blessings and make special prayers this month. She also made an earnest appeal to the people of Pakistan to offer special prayers on Lailat al-Qadr, the holy night of 27th Ramazan, for the safety, solidarity, peace and unity of their homeland.

The blessed night called ‘Lailat al-Qadr’has special significance in the Islamic world as the night when the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But for Pakistanis it had an added significance, as 14th August 1947, when Pakistan came into being, was 27th Ramazan of 1366 Hijri.

She said that in order to remind the people of Pakistan of the real purpose of their homeland and to rekindle in them the same spirit of unity and enthusiasm of the Pakistan movement, Hakim Mohammed Said had launched a drive: 27th Ramadan – Independence Day of Pakistan–in 1973, and urged the nation to celebrate 27th Ramadan as their independence and thanksgiving day, and pray for their country. Hamdard and all its institutions do the same, as wished by Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said.

‘Allah’s blessings and guidance on Lailat Al-Qadr can help us achieve the real purpose of our homeland,’ she concluded.

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