FCEPL delegation meets Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, Advisor on Finance to the PM

Mr. Roel F. van Neerbos, President Consumer Dairy Royal FrieslandCampina, Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Ltd. (FCEPL), and senior management of FCEPL met with Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, Advisor on Finance to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to discuss the different facets of and the hurdles faced by the dairy industry in Pakistan.

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Ltd. is committed to working towards improving the dairy sector and making Pakistan a leader in milk production.

Dairy market in Pakistan

The acquisition of Engro Foods, which is the second largest dairy company in Pakistan, enables FrieslandCampina to obtain a key position in Central Asia. Pakistan is the third largest milk producing country in the world with an annual production of 38 billion litres of milk.

FrieslandCampina expects to benefit from the conversion of the market from loose to packaged dairy consumption that will drive the volume growth of packaged dairy products. At present less than 10 percent of tradable milk consumed in Pakistan is processed and offered in packages. The conversion is expected to accelerate in the near future as a result of the growing middle-income class, a desire for higher quality milk, as well as the increasing urbanisation.

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