10th Karachi Youth Festival at ACP

The opening ceremony of 10th Karachi Youth Festival saw a large crowd of youth as well as adults who came to attend the event. The crown increased to a point where the gates had to be shut after a point whereas screens had been put up in the courtyard for all those who couldn’t get a seat in the open air auditorium. At least 15000 youth attended the event which is a huge number when compared to the capacity of the premises.

The management has been thinking about opting for another venue next year because Karachi Youth Festival has become really famous and renowned among the youth of the city and the numbers will grow day by day and festival by festival because every student from all the educational institutions of the city want to participate and register in the event.

Provincial ministers Nasir Hussain Shah and Syed Sardar Ali Shah congratulated President of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah at the event and agreed that this is the biggest and most peaceful event for the youth this year which thousands youth are participating and performing. There are thirteen categories in the festival and a total of 50,000 applicants are participating in them. These categories include declamation, essay writing, painting, singing and theater acting to name a few. After the number of registrations and the interest in singing of a lot of people, the competition for singing will be held in the open air theater. Auditions for theater acting will be conducted in the newly constructed auditoriums in the new building.

The festival will continue till 24th February 2018 on which the closing ceremony for the festival will be held. President ACP said that ACP has been founded for the youth of the city especially the ones belonging in the rural areas of the city to provide them with the facilities that weren’t in their reach before but now with events like these, the interest and passion of the youth has been growing day by day.

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